Known in the refining industry as “turnarounds,” these projects represent millions of dollars of capital investment. 

EMCOR Industrial Services (EIS) is a proven leader in turnaround management and execution. Projects range in size and require as few as 20 to as many as 800 craft workers. Turnaround work usually involves maintenance and upgrading work performed on various types of units within the refinery.

Project teams for turnarounds are typically made up of pipefitters, general boilermakers, exchange boilermakers, tower boilermakers, welders, and assistants as well as project managers and operations personnel. 

With capabilities that are virtually unmatched in the turnaround space.

EIS has the capabilities and expertise to manage entire turnarounds from start to finish.

Using proven industry leaders, EIS performs heat exchanger maintenance, vessel inspection, valve and piping replacements, and all other tasks associated with turnarounds.

Efficient and Safe

EIS understands that turnarounds are costly endeavors, and typically account for a significant portion a plant’s annual maintenance budget. EIS works quickly and safely, ensuring that your plant is down for as little time as possible. And with a reputation for safe practices that precedes us on every job, the EIS commitment to safety is well known throughout the industries we serve.

Geographic Diversity

With a skilled team over more than 10,000 crafts people, we’re capable of managing multiple turnarounds in diverse areas of the country. 

Call us for your next turnaround project.

EIS has performed general mechanical turnaround work in:

  • HF and SF Alkylation Units
  • Crude Units
  • Atmospheric Distillation Units
  • Vacuum Distillation Units
  • Distillate
  • Gas Oil and Naphtha Hydrotreater Units
  • Reformer Units
  • Fluid Catalytic Crackers (FCC)
  • Hydrocracker Units, Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU)
  • Coking Units
  • Delayed Coking Units
  • Fluid Coker Units
  • Isomerization Units, and Ethylene / Olefin Units 
  • Chlorine
  • Caustic
  • PVC
  • Vinyls
  • Polyethylene
  • VCM, Light Hydrocarbons
  • Cogens
  • Boilers