Embedded Specialty Maintenance

Embedded specialty maintenance programs are ongoing, progressive maintenance programs essential to reducing the need for long downtimes and the disruptions they cause.

The types of maintenance we perform can be optimized to help the customer reach its units’ goals – for example, reduce energy costs, decrease downtime, increase unit efficiency or even extend the life of the equipment. 

  • Embedded specialty maintenance gives customers a predictable expense derived from data-driven unit rates
  • Each project has a specially trained on-site manager and crew that are dedicated to your job and are fully briefed/trained in your plant’s safety, values and culture
  • All off-site repairs are fully coordinated with EIS shops
  • Customers have access to EIS’s buying power for tubes and exchanger parts
  • All ongoing maintenance is tracked thus allowing for repair/historical data to be used on future turnaround planning or warranty maintenance intervals

Services covered by EIS embedded specialty maintenance programs include:

  • Planning/scheduling
  • Cost tracking/analysis/ongoing analysis
  • Extraction
  • Field machining
  • Bolt torquing
  • Boilermaker
  • Welding
  • Hydroblasting
  • Field Machining

Contact your EIS representative today to see how an embedded specialty maintenance program can work for you.