Shutdowns, Emergencies, Unscheduled Outages

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PERFORMANCE BASED TRUST! The call often starts with “I’ve got a leak somewhere, let me tell you what I know. . .”, or “My unit’s coming down, I need you to start gathering. . . we’ll update you as we know more”.

EMCOR Industrial Services companies receive these calls every day. We receive these calls because we offer: 

  • A client service mindset
  • “Best of the Best” Safe Work Experience
  • Rapid deployment - Trained craft that prefer to work in a “hot-shot” work culture (pride in  “get-in and out”). . .NASCAR Pit Crew
  • Specialized equipment and tools that are serviced and ready
  • Trained craft that have experience working with multiple clients and plant locations
  • Tremendous experience with working in critical path incidents or events 
  • Knowledge of qualified resources that are outside our core competencies to recommend to our clients
  • “Get ‘em out of a bind” experience

If you have not engaged us during one of these challenging moments, give us a call.